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NEW! Snake Typing Game

A new typing game aimed at practising the home keys to build muscle memory. You have 60 seconds to score using the E,F, J and K keys to navigate. The plan is to adapt this game to vary the keys to allow practise for each lesson and set the timer to suit your requirements.Contact us if you have any feedback or suggestions.

You can customise th game to practise different letter combinations while you get used to the keys. Do this by adding four letters after the url, eg #ghef

The Keyboard Game

This first keyboard game is very useful way for young children to get use to the key positions on a standard keyboard. It also helps them learn to recognise upper and lower case letters.

A Typing Game

This typing game is a quick, easy and fun way to practise typing. Random letters are displayed and points are scored for each correct letter. Watch out - you will lose a point for pressing the wrong key!

We hope you enjoy these games and look forward to receiving feedback from our visitors, so your comments and suggestions are very welcome.

Many thanks.

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